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Winning Marketing Strategies: Growing in Changing Environment

From right to left - Prof. Biju Pillai, Dr. (Col.) A. Balasubramanian, Lt. Gen. V M Patil, Mr. Hitesh Oberoi

Pune April 8, 2011. Marketing Congress “Winning Marketing Strategies: Growing in Changing Environment” organized by Balaji Institute of Modern Management (BIMM) from 8th April to 11th April as a part of corporate interface program for the postgraduate management students of all the streams.

As part of this, Marketing Congress addressed how certain organizations have grown despite the odds; how their Marketing Strategies helped turnaround the organization or set a bench mark for the industry.

The Marketing Congress saw presentations from over twenty one high profile corporate stalwarts from all across India who spoke about the changing environment in the business world which are taking place and the anticipated changes in the future.

List of speakers (in alphabetical order) is as follows:
  1. Mr A S Mehta, Director – Marketing, JK Tyre & Industries.
  2. Ms Anita Nayyar, CEO-India , Euro RSCG.
  3. Mr Anupam Verma, CMO, Tata Docomo
  4. Mr G Vishwanand, Chief Executive and Founder, InfocusRx Marketing & Communication Pvt Ltd (Zeebra Cross).
  5. Mr Gavin Dabero, Executive Vice President – Marketing Sales, Customer Care & Operations, Meru Cab Company Pvt Ltd.
  6. Mr Harish Bijoor, Brand-strategy specialist  & CEO, Harish Bijoor Consultans Inc. & Management Consultants
  7. Mr Hitesh Oberoi, MD & CEO , Info Edge India Ltd.
  8. Mr Jayant Jain, VP – Head Consumer Insights & Market Research, Godfrey Philips India Ltd.
  9. Mr Maheshwar Peri, President and Publisher, The Outlook Group.
  10. Mr Mahijeet Mishra, Managing Director, Armstorng International Pvt Ltd.
  11. Ms Manisha Amol, VP - Marketing, Modi Care.
  12. Mr Nirmallaya Roy Choudhury, Head Brand & Marketing , HariyaliKissan Bazaar, DSCL.
  13. Mr P Krishna kumar, Director – Marketing, DELL India Pvt Ltd.
  14. Mr Prashant Bhaskar, Founder & CEO , Plug HR.
  15. Mr Riten Choudhary, VP - Building Products & Distribution , Tata BlueScope.
  16. Mr. S K Jha, Former Income Tax Commissioner- Pune region
  17. Mr Shantanu Sen Sharma, VP Marketing, Tech Mahindra Pvt Ltd.
  18. Mr Sourabh Mishra, Chief Stratergy Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising.
  19. Mr Sujan Roy, Head - Product Marketing & Product Training, Volkswagen Group Sales India.
  20. Mr Suresh Matre, Vice President , Tata Consultancy Services.
  21. Mr Tapan Singhel, President and CMO, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Speaking about the various experiences and leanings, Mr. Hitesh Oberoi said the brands are built at various touch points, customer knows the product better than the manufacturer and so taking feedback is important for continuous improvement to get a positive word of mouth. Also he mentioned the First mover always gets the benefit of getting recognizing first. He paid emphasis on the use of digital advertising in the new age world which requires clarity of thoughts, quality message made creatively with the right choice of media mix.

Building positive relationship with the customer based on love and respect was the main point of discussion for Mr. Saurabh Mishra. He elaborated the concept of love marks, journey of love marks through love matrix. Mr. Mishra stressed on the simplicity of the message and the right mix of strategies to trigger the actions. Also he mentioned that the customer should be able to connect to the product and so the advertisement should be told in a form of story which makes the customer feel that he is part of it.

Mr. TapanSinghel , suggested to be a good human being before one tries to be a good marketer and be honest in what you do. A person of little words he said to plan the strategies well and then to enact of those with full dedication. Being a science graduate himself he said the insurance industry has a huge pool of opportunities which are still unexplored. He particularly emphasized on youngsters should join the insurance industry for exponential.

Developing a new concept of 4C’s which included Context, Customer, competitive Landscape and Company Mr P.Krishankumar attracted the audience which was followed by a mesmerizing presentation highlighting the importance of using unique advertising and efficient customer service for the success of the product. According to him a company should be customer centric and should be ready with plan for flexible strategy.

Mr. MaheshwarePerire, shared his experiences he had gathered from his term in various fields of work. He spoke on various current happenings and told the story of the birth of the Outlook magazine. He said one should be ready to work hard and stand up for the wrong being done to oneself and others.

“Not doing what has already being done” was the mantra of success as told to us by Mr.AnupamVerma. Innovation in anything would lead to recognition;however, innovation should be Convenient, transparent and simple.Also looking at the customer need from customer point of view is important to make a product stand out from the clutter.

The Second day started with lots of enthusiasm from the previous day and a very eminent speaker Mr.Mahejeet Mishra. He gave us some really useful tips on how a company should attract the customers’ attention completely until it sells their product by giving a simple example of a mother and a child, where the child knows you would fullfill his requirements the best and so cries until the mother is there to cater to his needs. He emphasized on knowing one’s objective and trying hard until you get it and nothing less than that. The customer may not speak your language but if the bond is based on mutual respect, love and care , then two strangers can also survive with each other in the same world.

Mr. S. K Jha spoke about creating your own recipe of success and not copying it from others. He educated us about the various innovative technique used in the income tax department to encourage people into paying their, due,tax. Eliminating the communication gap between the buyer and seller would lead to a healthy relationship was the education he wanted to impart to us.

Change is synonym for customer and so to exceed the customer’s expectation is the key to success was the theme of Mr. Sujan Roy’s speech. Using innovative and simple ways to make your customer listen and to make iconic designs which are a balance between rational and emotion would bring a breakthrough in the functionality and to make life simple was the essence of his speech.

Starting with a humorous note on how to pronounce the name of her company
Ms. Anita Nayyar lightened the mood of the audience. She taught us the importance of understanding the changing mindset of the customers and therefore usage of right media mix while advertising to the customer. She paid stress on the using different strategies of advertising at various touch points for marketing a product.

Bringing a unique combination of agriculture and management was
Mr. Nirmallaya Roy Choudhury, educating the audience about Hariyali Kissan Bazar, harnessing the potential of rural India. He diverted everybody’s attention towards developing new markets for the same products. He also taught some innovative ways of increasing the involvement of rural buyers.

In a short presentation Mr. A.S Mehta told the challenges faced by the new age marketing manager. He talked at length about bringing the people involved in the supply chain to be an integral part of the business. This would not only help to understand the unsaid requirement of the customer but will also help the manufacturers to design such product that would exceed the expectations of the customers. He also reminded to give due importance to continuous improvement not only of the product but also of the intimacy between the employer and employee.

Mr. Suresh Mhatre started his speech by pointing to the importance of building long term relationship with customer .Coming from an IT background he educated the audience about the long cycle followed in the development of IT products. Since IT is a service, marketing of service, crafting strategies for the establishment of services is more difficult than the selling of a product, yet it helps in establishing long term relationships with the customer.

With a Broad smile and added humor Mr. Jayant Jain started his speech and was instantly liked by the audience. One should be backed by a lot of liking for the profession and should be motivated to be successful in any field of work were his opening lines. He also taught the importance of “theory of acceptability” for the product to be successful in the market, ie the customer should feel proud to be using the product and then the efficiency of the product adds to the growth of the brand in the market.

DAY – 3
Young and dynamic were the two main characteristics of the first speaker of the day Mr. Prashant Bhaskar. Being an entrepreneur himself he challenged the capabilities of the audience and gave them a direction to be an entrepreneur themselves and provide employment to others. Also he motivated not to be afraid of failure but to embrace it and learn from it.

Mr. Riten Choudhary said there is no fixed way to create strategies but it depends on the kind of the customer. Emphasizing on the involvement of every employee in the creation of strategies, he suggested to follow a bottom up approach in the creation and implementation of strategies.

Applauding the warm welcome she had received by the students, Ms. Amisha Amol, started by emphasizing on the importance of general knowledge for the managers in the making. She told about a new concept of direct selling and how customers are more able to relate to such a strategy of marketing because they fell that the product is more customized and they are the point of focus for the company.

When customer is a company in itself it becomes all the more difficult to design the product. Opening an all together new perspective into the field of marketing was Mr. Shantanu Sen Sharma. Understanding the customers business and its painpoints would help a marketer to better customize the product to the needs of the clients was the theme of his speech.

Mr. Srinivasan started the speech by telling the story of his hard work he had put in to be an entrepreneur and then the power of consistent efforts to make the business successful.

Bringing laurel to BIMM was Mr. G.Vishwanand. An alumni and a successful entrepreneur talked about the importance of innovative idea and consistent efforts required to make that idea successful. He also told the interesting stories of his life in collage and his journey of success.

An attractive personality and a contagious enthusiasm was presented by
Mr.Harish Bijoor during his Valedictory Address which instantly filled the auditorium with applauds and laughter. Taking the customer satisfaction to a new level far more beyond customer satisfaction and customer delight he helped us to understand the importance of not stereotyping the process of making marketing strategies .he also enlightened us with the new emerging trends and the myths generally followed by the marketers.

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